Project management

BrightStone Group facilitates customised solutions that support the implementation of your strategy. Our expertise covers Finance, Risk, Data, and Compliance, within which we offer consultancy, project management, and interim solutions.

In control

We believe project management is more than just successfully coordinating a project. As far as we are concerned, keeping underlying goals and objectives in sight is essential. We are familiar with the planning, organising, monitoring, and controlling of all aspects of a (change) project. What is the scope of the project? What are the KPIs? What is the budget? What are the deadlines?


Transparency and keeping each other well-informed is vital during a project. When everyone involved trusts each other and understand each other, synergy and support are the result. After all, it is not only about who should do what and when but above all, it is about smooth cooperation too. Our project managers have a good sense of this. BrightStone Group uses proven methodologies and we take time for interim evaluations to improve synergy.

Different approach

Projects have an increased risk profile because they have a different dynamic than your daily work. Projects are less easy to fit in within the standard reports. Your regular activities are usually neatly completed in accordance with the Deming circle (plan-do-check-act) at the pace of the financial year. However, new projects call for a completely different approach. It is therefore advisable and effective to outsource your project management to BrightStone Group.

Successful project

Projects that surpass the budget can be quite a frustration. Due to large strategic interests in a project, organisations are often forced to invest more into a project than they first budgeted. There is often no other way since if a project is stopped, money is lost without anything to show for it. Many projects derail not because of technical or substantive aspects, but because of peripheral phenomena. This can be done differently. Our project managers provide successful projects that generate an ROI instead of draining your funds.

Want to learn more about our project management in the fields of Finance, Risk, Data, and Compliance? Reach out to us to discuss how we can support your organisation.s

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