BrightStone Group facilitates customised solutions that support the implementation of your strategy. Our expertise covers Finance, Risk, Data, and Compliance, within which we offer consultancy, project management, and interim solutions.

Continuity & quality

Our consultants are there to ensure your organisation’s continuity and work-quality is maintained. Sometimes you simply need specific knowledge and/or extra capacity in the short term. Professionals at BrightStone Group are well trained and have extensive experience in their field. They also have the right mindset to handle the projects we take on. BrightStone Group Interim Solutions are often chosen because we are able to provide the right professional for the specific department and culture of your organisation.


Temporary challenges often require fast, powerful, and effective solutions. You want to be able to work effectively with someone, without having to spend months working with them before they become a real asset to your team. Someone needs to be able to switch quickly between tasks and understand exactly what they need to focus on. 


Here are the benefits you receive when you choose our Interim Solutions:

  • Interim Managers

Driven and experienced professionals who assist our clients during busy times and/or in times of change. More continuity and better productivity. Extra expertise and experience. Service tailored to your situation. Reducing the workload within your organisation. Optimal flexibility in terms of duration and intensity. Easy decisions. Interim managers are less connected to the history of the department and your organisation and, therefore, it’s easier for them to make difficult decisions. He or she can view and assess your organisation with a fresh perspective.

  • Positieve effects and influence

A temporary colleague through BrightStone Group offers your company a fresh perspective. In practice, this makes your own employees more alert and provides new insights into your company and its processes. The interim manager focuses purely on the project at hand and does not seek a position within the organisation long-term. Interim consultants and managers are real team-builders.

  • A short term orientation

An interim employee from BrightStone Group can get started on a project directly. The expertise and experience they bring to the table ensure a fast turnaround. Immediate productivity is the result due to our professionals being driven to get the best out of themselves with each project they take on.

  • Instant results

The interim professional works decisively and is result-driven, with the aim of getting the job done within the predetermined time frame. In addition, the aim of our interim solutions is always to reduce or save costs where possible.

  • Exclusion of employer risk

There is no payment of payroll tax, holiday pay, or severance costs when hiring an interim consultant or manager.

Want to learn more about our interim solutions? Reach out to us to discuss how we can support your organisation.

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