BrightStone Group facilitates customised solutions that support the implementation of your strategy. Our expertise covers Finance, Risk, Data, and Compliance, within which we offer consultancy, project management, and interim solutions.

Expert advice

Consultancy is defined as “the practice of providing expert advice within a particular area”. This suggests that consultancy exists because of a knowledge advantage. This is of course correct, but consultancy via BrightStone Group offers many other advantages. Our driven and experienced professionals assist our clients during peak periods and / or in times of change.

Objective improvement

Consultancy is a broad concept. At BrightStone Group, when we talk about consultancy, we are talking about providing an objective and independent view of a situation or (technological) development. As an external advisor, we are well able to give independent advice. In addition, we have up-to-date knowledge within our fields and do regular research on trends and developments within these fields. We also have various benchmark data to work with. When things are measurable, there is the possibility for objective improvement. By working in this way, we remain an authority in the industry and provide our clients with insights, confidence, and control.

Business cases

Our way of working is characterised by a comprehensive need to offer pragmatic advice. We build business cases for and with our clients. Our experience shows that our clients like to opt for business cases that have been proven successful, which give advanced insight into the end result. This saves time and money.

Finance, Risk, Data and Compliance

We are driven by the desire to be the best when it comes to service in finance, risk, data, and compliance. This is not just due to our own drive and ambition, but also because we want to provide you with the best possible service. We do this by adding knowledge and skills to your business processes and objectives in a high-quality and decisive way. We commit to results because we know what we stand for and what we are worth. We are familiar with our field, we know the expertise of our consultants, invest in the relationship with you as a client, and take the time and space to look at all relevant details. 

The benefits of Consultancy

Consultancy is defined as: “the practice of giving expert advice within a particular area.” This suggests that consultancy exists because of a knowledge advantage it generates. This is true, of course, but consultancy provided by BrightStone Group also offers the following advantages:

  • Our consultants offer an objective and independent view of a situation or problem
  • Because they are aren’t internal employees, they have fewer prejudices/biases on sensitive issues.
  • In times when there’s a lack of capacity, our consultants are a valuable addition to your internal team.
  • In the case of dilemmas and complex issues, you are exposed to less risk when leveraging an external consultant.

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