BrightStone Group is a fast-growing organisation based in Utrecht. In 2019, the Financial Times named us one of the three fastest-growing management consultancy companies in Europe, which we are of course very proud of. Our focus is on consultancy, project management, and interim solutions within the areas of Finance, Risk, Data, and Compliance. We work with a select group of internationally-oriented clients that we maintain good relationships with.

BrightStone Group

We are not going for half of the work. It starts with listening, to our clients but also to our professionals and consultants. Knowing what is going on and being able to switch quickly, that is what it is all about. This creates concrete tailor-made solutions with impact. Day in, day out, we take on this intellectual challenge and make a difference in Finance, Risk, Data and Compliance.

Continuity and quality

Many of our clients are active internationally. Multidisciplinary global teams work together on major and impressive projects. It is often the need for (temporary) extra commitment from our professionals and consultants. In doing so, we guarantee the continuity and quality of the business of our clients. Do you need reinforcement in the fields of Finance, Risk, Data and/or Compliance? Than we would like to think along with you.

Bright Academy

We believe in lifelong learning. This applies to the hard and soft skills. Our Bright Academy is therefore available for all our professionals and consultants: junior, medior and senior. We offer a variety of appropriate training courses, combined with intensive personal guidance, coaching and career counselling. In this way, our employees stay up-to-date and they come into their own with our clients.

Bright Community

The way we work, the Bright Academy and the mutual dynamics together, form our Bright Community. Professionals and consultants meet and learn from each other. BrightStone Group regularly organizes lunches and other group activities with guest speakers. We believe that hard work is important, but so is team building.

Bright Young Professionals

BrightStone Group has a successful ‘junior label’ called Bright Young Professionals. We work with passionate and talented professionals who have completed a master’s degree, have 0-5 years of relevant work experience and are ready for a boost in their career. The Bright Academy is a welcome addition to their personal and professional development


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Our mission is clear. It’s becoming more common for organisations to work with external business partners, alongside their own employees. These business partners, in this case our consultants, are expected to understand our clients’ business and add knowledge and expertise in the field of Finance, Risk, Data, and/or Compliance. BrightStone guarantees a high level of expertise, knowledge, and the right cultural fit. 

Results garanteed

BrightStone provides high-quality services that are characterised by a balanced approach to pricing. We are happy to take on the challenge of offering guaranteed results to our clients. By doing this, we offer a solution that commits to your end results, and not just a set amount of work or number of hours. “We dare to commit!”

Corporate Social Responsibility

We stimulate personal growth and treat people with respect and empathy. Within BrightStone Group, we deal with each other in an open and honest way and create a culture in which constructive criticism is not only accepted, but desired. We recognise that we are asking our colleagues for a high level of performance.

At BrightStone Group, we have created a work environment where we accept, appreciate, and incorporate professionals with a diverse background. Diversity in thinking, experience, and background is crucial to our success.

We do everything we can to turn BrightStone Group into a company in which all individuals have the opportunity to develop, regardless of their background, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

As a company, we commit to making sustainable choices in people and the environment in everything we do.

Core values

Our core values say something about who we are and what we stand for. They keep us on our toes and give us direction. We adhere to these core values, but you too can benefit from adhering to them. Our core values originated from our we-dare-to-commit mentality.


BrightStone is committed to its clients and consultants. For us, professionalism goes beyond being skilled and competent. We take efficient communication and the implementation of efficient and transparent processes as a given. Your success is our success, and we believe that this should be measured. That is why we agree on objectives at the beginning of each project.


BrightStone works with professional consultants who have proven themselves an expert by way of knowledge, competence, and proactivity. Because we delve deep into our client’s challenges, we are always able to find the optimal solution. We stand out by way of a strong focus on our fields, knowledge of the different sectors and industries, and our personal approach.


BrightStone uses a pragmatic approach in everything we do. Therefore, we do not opt for abstract theories, but for transparent and tangible actions that lead to the intended end result. Each organisation is different, has different challenges, and its own culture. That is why we do not offer a standard solution but instead opt for tailor-made solutions to suit our client’s needs.

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