Data is ongoing and everywhere. Also in your organisation. We notice in the market that there is a need for more knowledge, insight and control. We are happy to help you analyze, optimize and protect your data.

Data: unlimited value creation

In today’s society in which it is increasingly important to be able to make the right decision quickly, having an accurate data quality is of great value. Many companies are becoming more and more aware of this, but run into the fact that much of the value of their data is hidden in a multitude of databases and systems that are not integrated through a good data management strategy. As a result, companies miss opportunities and possibilities to gain insight into performance, forecast, potential risks and commercial opportunities through analytics

Utilize potential

Do you know how to exploit the (sometimes well-hidden) potential of your data? We support you with, among other things, creating more insight into performance, optimizing reports and discovering potential efficiency that are currently not in scope. By looking at data in a smarter way, together we ensure that you can make timely and better decisions. We do this with a combination of talent and technology.

Taking on challenges

The implementation of this strategy entails technical, organisational and change management challenges. Our experience, expertise and diverse best practices are therefore very useful. And we are completely technology-independent.

A selection of the data-related challenges that we are happy to take on with you:

Data Management

As BrightStone Group, we support our clients in setting up, implementing and executing a data management strategy. We focus on how our customers can use this strategy to create value from their data and make better decisions, now and in the future.

Data Analytics

As the collection and organisation of data is becoming easier for companies, the question arises of how organisations can derive value from this information. Our data specialists help organisations analyze large amounts of data by means of advanced analytics techniques and technologies that directly lead to valuable insights.


Curious about where further automation and optimisation can be realised within your organisation? We support organisations in denying the hidden potential, focusing on identifying potential improvements that directly add value to the business.


We support companies in developing more efficient (financial) reporting processes that provide faster and better quality insights. No longer manually creating reports and connecting different systems, but striving for a total solution that suits your organisation and the results of which are immediately visible. The focus is on automating the reporting process as much as possible, avoiding manual work and interaction with systems as much as possible. This allows error-free and accurate automated real-time dashboards and reports to be generated at any time.

Big data

More than ever, companies need to make data-driven decisions quickly to stay one step ahead of the competition. Analysing large amounts of data can provide unprecedented and useful insights. Although companies today have large amounts of data, they often do not have the capacity. Our Big Data specialists can help your organisation on its way and support you in initiating and executing a big data strategy.

Machine Learning & AI solutions

Machine learning is not only a buzzword, but a technology that is now widely used within companies. Machine learning enables companies to learn, adapt and improve applications and tools within the organisation itself. It does this by analysing large amounts of data and discovering trends and patterns within it and taking decisions and actions that help you with specific goals.


At BrightStone we understand better than anyone that technology is only a means. In addition to technology, you also need the right talent to work with this technology to take your organisation to a new level. This can be done by further developing your current workforce or bringing in new (temporary) talent. Depending on your specific challenges, we can help you with additional capacity at junior, medior or senior level that will help take the organisation to another level.

What can we do for you?

For us, the process starts with understanding your business and the specific challenges it presents. We would be happy to discuss with you personally how we can support you in further shaping (or taking it to a higher level) your data strategy.

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