Bright Young Professionals

Bright Young Professionals

Talented international professionals work at Bright Young Professionals who where selected on the basis of their academic results (hard skills) and competences (soft skills). Thanks to our Bright Academy, the professionals follow substantive training courses per domain. In addition to that, they receive intensive personal guidance, coaching and career counseling from their Field Manager.

Bright Academy

We expect every Bright Young Professional to continue to invest in thier personal development. Our Bright Academy not only makes this possible, but also fun. Various hard and soft skills training courses are offered. For example a Communication and Productivity training, but also Advanced Excel, VBA and General Banking.

Each Bright Young Professional kicks off their career with an assessment, which is a good starting point for the progress and evaluation with the Field Manager of BrightStone Group and the manager. The evaluation meetings take place five times a year.

Bright Community

Bright Young Professionals are part of a special community: the Bright Community. Our consultants (medior and senior professionals) are also part of this. 

Over 30 different nationalities are now represented within Bright Young Professionals. An impressive and vibrant group of people who get the most out of their career.

We regularly organize lunches and networking drinks for our Bright Community. Sometimes in combination with a guest speaker or a fun activity: laser tag, jeu de boules or bowling. 

In short, a Bright Young Professional …

  • Becomes part of an international community and expands his or her network;
  • Develops their hard and soft skills through training;
  • Gets to know the business world and an ambitious work environment
  • Gains insight into their talents and development through an assessment;
  • Is personally supervised and receives coaching and career counseling from a Field Manager.           

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