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Online Training Courses

The Bright Academy will help you increase your knowledge, expand your skills and maximize your personal and professional growth. This will create a learning boost for you, which is necessary in every career! Numerous e-learnings are available on our platform!

The e-learnings can be soft-skills or hard-skills such as PowerBI, Python, Excel, SQL, Lean, Agile, Dutch language and many more! You will have access to everything you need to develop your ‘skills to succeed’ according to your needs. The courses are followed by thousands of people worldwide and are internationally recognized by companies.

You will get a certificate immediately after completing each e-learning. The certificates are internationally recognized and can be shared on LinkedIn. Every professional will get a tailor-made learning environment. Our Field Managers will set up a personal learning path together with you so that each e-learning that you will follow will be tailored to your needs.

Thanks to our online platform you can have 24/7 access to learning opportunities. You can download the e-learnings and follow them offline during your commute on your computer but also on your phone if you download the app.

We also organize multiple interactive training courses together with all our colleagues. Please read on to learn more about the what the courses entail and the dates and times.  

Interactive Training Courses

About the training Ted Worthy Presenting:

Ted Talks are famous because of their inspiring character. Experts analysed the best – and the worst – presentations and discovered seven principles for creating an inspiring story. Many famous TED speakers were prepared with the use of these crucial elements to give the presentation of their lives!

During this training you will be explained how to implement these rules into your own presentation style and what fits best to your personality. You will learn about the most valuable aspects that help you prepare and give a solid presentation. Creating your story in such a way that your audience will definitely remember it!

What to expect?:

  • The essentials of storytelling;
  • Make complex concepts inspiring;
  • The best ways to let people remember your message;
  • Integrate the lessons learned into daily life.

Many of us are overwhelmed, and struggle with the constant distractions we face in our daily work. Information overload is a big problem. Juggling productivity and wellbeing successfully is a challenge. A Productivity Ninja™ is calm and prepared, but also skilled and ruthless in how they deal with the many enemies of productivity and wellbeing. We’ll share with you the 9 Characteristics of the Productivity Ninja™, and help you identify specific ways you can implement them. We organize this session to help you, as BrightStone professional, to get the high impact work done

Design Thinking draws on logic, imagination, intuition and systematic reason to explore the possibilities of what could be and to create a desired outcome that benefit your customer or user. A design mind-set is thereby not problem focused. It is solution focused and action minded.
During the first session you are going to make the first steps into Design Thinking. You are going to design (invent) something for your BrightStone colleague. And when it is something ground-breaking, and you will see it is, you are going to pitch it.

During the second session we are going to improve your pitch. Because when you have an idea, nothing is more rewarding than actually making it happen. Which is usually the hardest part. For that we are going to give you a new method of bringing your ideas to live in a more effective way by visual story telling.

Feedback believes in organisations that function as a community. Organisations and teams whose open communication is built on trust can pool their collective wisdom into all their decisions. When one feels co-responsible in terms of the making and realising of decisions, there is maximum engagement. Together, we are able to realise and celebrate even more successes. Successes that allow everyone to contribute in their own unique way.

The development programs are aimed at supporting individual-, team- and organisational levels which lead to a virtuous circle and growth in a way that suits you and can contribute to the ambitions of your team and organisation.

You will be trained to provide feedback that your interlocutor will accept easily from you. How to get started with this and how to apply these skills will be taught in the Giving and Receiving Feedback training. In addition, you will learn how to request and receive feedback.

Hold your ground when dealing with tough questions! We all know the feeling when the response you should have given comes to mind just a little bit too late. How do you conjure up that perfect response faster? How can you recognize the weakest points in someone’s argument? And how do you deal with tedious debate-tricks? This course offers insight in the dynamics of a discussion to ensure that in the future – even in the toughest of situations – you will know what to do and how to do it. After this intensive workshop you will know the most important techniques that will help you deal with tough questions. We will work on the following skills:

• You will be able to say more, using less words;

• You will know practical techniques to improve your arguments’ effectiveness, and you will be able to apply them effortlessly;

• You can write and present a complicated argument with the required persuasion;

• You will know how to deal with tricky questions;

• You will be able to tackle the most savvy debating tricks in a relaxed, controlled and persuasive manner;

• You will know your personal debating style and have insight in your weaknesses.

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All training courses will be virtual (online via Teams or Zoom) unless stated otherwise. 

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